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The true gem of your travel photography

Is not an iphone nor an iPad. In fact it could as well be your BlackBerry. Yes you heard me right. I put together a stunning clip on my BB10 device without much hassle and could’ve done so much more if I wanted. Howewer, I just wanted to create something simple and am sharing this with you soon. Uploading this soon.

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Video is being uploaded to Youtube – 120 hours to go …..

IN this modern day and age many like myself only look to the download speed. But quite frankly right now I think that we should complain about too low upload speeds! The video which I want to share in 720p quality is extremely large as I strongly believe that the days of 240p videos are numbered.

However, I don’t know how fast your upload speed is but damn mine sucks with 1MBit/s If I start after 8pm tonight to avoid throtteling I might be finished on Monday morning. Absolutely crazy! Well. Rant over. Better prepare everything for the upload then.