Pictures from my attempt at aviation photography and the moderate use of tilt shift filters!


weeks ago I went out to Frankfurt Airport to witness the most beautiful and stunning airplane on the planet right now. I’m talking about the Airbus A380. Whilst waiting for it either to arrive or to depart I shot a couple of pictures of various planes and with some I played around with filters in PhotoShop. One you will see right here. I think that I managed to get quite a nice miniature effect from using the filter. Anyway here you go:

And here it was. The A380 just shy of my lens. What a sight that was and quite remarkable as it’s quieter than a 747-400 and even makes a 747-8 look like a childs toy, And anyone who knows a bit about planes knows that by all means the 747 isn’t small! You can see the

difference in size right to the left. But maybe that’s not even enough for you and you wonder what happens if you stick a human being right next to it. Well, don’t wonder about this any longer as I managed to take a nice shot to visualise how huge this magnificent airplane really is. That guy had even some trouble disconnecting the cable that lets him communicate with the cockpit from the bottom of the front gear. When I saw this unfold I simply had to press the trigger.

The result is something worthwhile to see. With regards to the technical site I shot most of the frame in manual mode before switching to aperture priority. I figured out my settings for manual and aperture priority mode really quickly and the focus area as well so I’d been able to control the environment pretty comfortably. Later on in the day however I wanted the camera to figure out the rest and switched to the A mode and kept shooting.

I also took a few videos and one is featuring the beast above. Unfortunately the video is a bit on the heavy site but I might be able to shrink it and present a shorter version of my attempt to capture video on my D3100. The result has been pretty amazing considering that this is the entry level camera to the Nikon line.

Maybe I can share that video with you later on this week. Most of the shots by the way came straight out of the 55-300mm Nikkor kit lens so nothing exciting on that front. In my opinion tho the most underrated lens for daylight photography. Sure it lacks a fast aperture but at the end of the day it’s the person behind the view finder that needs to pull the act together.

Overall it’s been a nice experience and next time I’ll see the A380 I’m about to board it. First class would be a dream. Until then I’d need to safe and ask for donations in order to make this dream come true.