Meet the tallest building on the planet

Welcome to the tallest building on the planet


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Trip report and the joy of using the Adobe tools

As if photographing a scene wouldn’t be hard enough working afterwards on them to get a trip report ready and editing the videos can be quite stressful and time consuming. Thankfully I’ve got a lot of patience and once the videos are ready and can be uploaded I’ll be sharing some via my blog.

I’m very proud of them as it wasn’t easy to handheld the camera whilst being excited and doing this for the first time. Yes I know stop making excuses but you know what. I like them and I sincerely hope you do as well. So enjoy the videos coming up in the next couple of days.

Internet to slow to upload video and photos

Well so far the Dubai trip has been exhilarating and I’ve taken loads of pictures and have genuinely been enjoying myself. Unfortunately the internet isn’t the fastest and uploading a high res photo not even mentioning video is impossible. Will write a few impressions tonight once back from my night photography at 32 degrees 🙂 Happy days so far. Take care.