A newly Nikon shooter exploring the world of digital photography. Coming from an old film camera I’m simply amazed by how many options even my entry level DSLR has got and I find myself in a steep learning curve at the moment where I discover that taking pictures itself is easy. Sure you only have to press the shutter button but getting good / consistent pictures is something I’m working on.

This is just a hobby for me and I’m documenting my first digital steps on this site hoping that some people will read this and take it as motivation to continue photographing things, whatever that might be. My attitude: If you love it, stick at it, even if it sucks at times. I’m fare too motivated to give up. The harder, the better.

If you want to drop me a line use blog.ishootnikon@gmail.com


One thought on “About

  1. Hi,
    i Checked your blog today and it tempted me to write to u me..you are a great writer indeed. keep on writing,
    i hope i messaged you few days ago to.. 🙂
    as i am new at wordpress, i am trying different things to, can u suggest me something..
    Right now i am writing on Military Aviation. hope you like my blog to.

    Check me on facebook to if you like my Blog


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