Cut the crap – and invest in proper time

Today whilst sitting in the car I witnessed something that can be described as today’s lifestyle. A family parks next to me. Wife driving, husband in the passenger seat and as it turns out their daughter in the back. Thank God for that!

Now when they leave the car the husband walks out towards the mall whilst the mother gets their daughter out of the car. So far nothing unusual. When the wife lights a cigarette and catches up with the husband their daughter is looking downwards, whilst daddy is on the phone doing things and mum is smoking not paying attention to their daughter.

If you ask me now if this is a fair review or even status of our society than I will say yes it is. The smartphone and the digital world, if not used properly can make us like islands where we find it more appropriate and normal to chat on websites or Facebook, Twitter, Google+ all day long rather than spending time with our family and friends in a face to face conversation. Of course, I do understand that this is not always possible and thankfully I can facetime my family and friends in Germany but I think you get my point.

Look around you, when you are not using your phone to not look people in the eye or want your privacy in a public place. Could you sit in a cafe for 15 minutes on your own without staring at your smartphone? Probably not! I bet you £10 you fail! Because rather than back in the days when you had to go to a phone booth to make a call, life had other priorities rather than checking in on Facebook or tweeting or doing other things.

Now, here is my point. I am not saying you should ban your smartphone but rather use it wisely and productively. If you are an entrepreneur and you want to book a gig or discuss a meeting then yes use the phone. Otherwise, why don’t we spend less time on the smartphone when it is not that productive and fall back in the old routine of looking around us and witnessing the life that goes right by us. As an artist I am sure you will see a lot more than checking stuff that wastes your time on Facebook.

That for sure will help you to become more productive and use your time better.

And as promised in an earlier tweet today here is my list of cutting the crap out of my digital life

Number 1: And this is a biggie for me. YouTube! I spend far too much time on there watching videos that really do not help me become more creative. Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule such as Chase Jarvis or Casey Neistat for instance. But even those videos I am trying to limit. I need to do work not watch people doing it!

Number 2: The internet itself. Checking Facebook, Twitter and Google+ take too much of my time right now. I want to cut down on them. Facebook for me, thanks to my mobile, a BlackBerry Z10 is literally dead and at home, I tend to not use it that much, if at all.

Number 3: Sleeping. I love to sleep and if my human status would be questioned I would be a panda bear. I sleep too much. Need to change it and increase my benefit from sleep without wasting too much time. 8 hours max has to be enough.

Number 4: Noise. Not noise as in the lawn mower from my neighbour but rather all other distractions that come into my life because of number 5.

Number 5: Being chaotic. Seriously, I recently started to write things down on a notebook to visualise and to aid me in clearing out my thinking progress. It starts to help and this feels great.

Have a good day or evening, wherever you are.

Yours truly,



2 thoughts on “Cut the crap – and invest in proper time

  1. I spent many thousands of dollars with doctors trying to find out why I have never been able to sleep. 62+ years now. The most I can ever sleep is about 3½ hours, and that’s usually from 2:00 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. Finally, 6 years ago, a doctor that was heading a sleep study that I had gotten involved in told me that I was a “polyphasic sleeper.” “What is that?” I asked. “We used to call people like you ‘catnappers.” Hmmm. So I’m a catnapper/polyphasic sleeper. Give me a 30-minute nap and I can give you 4 hours, 24/7, on and on, in perpetuity.

    1. Wow I wish I could do that. Recently I’ve been working until early morning and found it ok but getting up then after is a pain. But it feels good if you can be productive and also – very important – when you feel that your body can cope with it. If the body can’t cope with it then this is obviously a huge problem. God bless you Russel

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