A photo to share

Hi and good morning from the UK,

Hope y’all had a good week and are ready to tackle the weekend? If so here’s a photo to sweeten up your day. This is Turnberry lighthouse situated in the western part of Scotland located in midst of a Golf course. So whilst going there I had to look out for balls flying low and people racing on those golf carts around. The shot was worth it though. If you are in that area you definitely have to visit.


There is only a little bit of post-production going on here and my camera did an amazing job in capturing the light.

My go-to photo editing program is Lightroom 4. Yes still haven’t upgraded but I think an upgrade is only justified if I get a new camera, which is still some time down the line.

Enjoy and happy Friday everyone!

Yours truly,



The day after the rush

Good afternoon from sunny UK. Yes it is sunny! Waahooo! Life is good at the moment. So I decided to send you this post and want to encourage you for a few things. Things that I watched on YouTube yesterday and that I definitely thought about.

A few points.

  1. I have been selling myself short
  2. I do not know how much I am worth
  3. I had no clue how much I should charge for my work
  4. Points 1-3 all over

That is it. Short and sweet. Have a good day everybody!

I decided to have a new mindset – feeling uncomfortable is awesome!

Hey folks,

Chris here and this is a secret I let you in on today. I am usually a person who does not like change – which is bad and dangerous – do not be like that!

And I am a creature of habit. So I usually hate change! Again, bad bad bad! So recently I decided that being uncomfortable is actually a good thing as it means that I am in a situation where I learn something new, broaden my horizon and grow as an individual. and without being uncomfortable I will never move on.

So far it has been a few days and it has been great so far. Live life to the full and do what you want to do. I think it is time to take a risk – and be completely out without a safety line.

Who is in or who opposes this?

How to become the better self? Why not changing your vocabulary?

Hey guys,

When I would talk to a friend or anyone in the past my vocabulary would be very much different to what I am using today. Changing my vocabulary has not only helped me to sound smarter than I really am but in fact, it has helped me to broaden my horizon and has helped me to gain a bit of more knowledge. And sometimes it makes you feel better and a bit more creative.

Yes, it might just be a psychological thing, but it totally works! At least to 90% for me. Why not give it a try for yourself and let me know? Evolving and using proper language and eloquent words will change your life. Go and check it out.

One obstacle of being productive – too busy wasting time – vegetating

OK folks here is a statement of fact – and this is a fact that I did not want to acknowledge up until right now. This fact is that I am not patient and am not focusing my energy on things that matter.

What do I mean by this? I mean that for some time now I have been a YouTube junkie watching hours of, sometimes meaningful and oftentimes non-meaningful content. These hours ladies and gentlemen I am not getting back! And for anyone of you out there here is my tip against that.

Just as you would train your body aka muscles etc. in the gym so you can train your memory. Fair enough it is still early stages for me and I am not speaking of success here! The road is long but I get up 78 times if I fell 77 times before. It does not matter. So what did I do? I read this article (Tim Ferriss – I love you! Purely for your content OK? – https://tim.blog/2014/07/16/how-to-learn-any-language-in-record-time-and-never-forget-it/)

You know what? Reading this text really required my utmost attention is usually I would just skip through a text like that not appreciating the content produced. I would not have the patience and would just give up and say “it’s OK!” where it is not OK. In our society fast is the way to go. Read a book? Nah, let’s use audible. Ok ok, this is a bit cheeky but you know what I mean, yeah?

So after having finished this interesting article I am proud of this and will repeat this exercise of calming down and taking my time to read more. After all, reading stimulates more than just dumb watching a video.

Yours truly,