Experimental video is on YouTube!

Hi everyone,

the video I recorded from Wafi Goes Wild is now on Youtube, check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kzz2htCiMak

Hope you enjoy it. It was quite something else to see.


Video is being uploaded to Youtube – 120 hours to go …..

IN this modern day and age many like myself only look to the download speed. But quite frankly right now I think that we should complain about too low upload speeds! The video which I want to share in 720p quality is extremely large as I strongly believe that the days of 240p videos are numbered.

However, I don’t know how fast your upload speed is but damn mine sucks with 1MBit/s If I start after 8pm tonight to avoid throtteling I might be finished on Monday morning. Absolutely crazy! Well. Rant over. Better prepare everything for the upload then.

Trip report and the joy of using the Adobe tools

As if photographing a scene wouldn’t be hard enough working afterwards on them to get a trip report ready and editing the videos can be quite stressful and time consuming. Thankfully I’ve got a lot of patience and once the videos are ready and can be uploaded I’ll be sharing some via my blog.

I’m very proud of them as it wasn’t easy to handheld the camera whilst being excited and doing this for the first time. Yes I know stop making excuses but you know what. I like them and I sincerely hope you do as well. So enjoy the videos coming up in the next couple of days.