videos are on the way

Videos are now being edited. This might take a while but I hope to fnish them by the end of the week. Really looking forward toput some videos out 🙂


A big thank you to the bloggers stopping by

Many thanks for all the people who stopped by and liked my posts. I’m currently busy getting some personal stuff out of the way and haven’t really been checking a lot recently. Will definitely stop by the other blogs and have a good read. Thjanks again everyone.

Dubai selection pictures – tourists shots up on Saturday 22nd

Hi all,

brrrr it’s cold. 17 degrees is so cold. If you were from the Middle East you’d agree. If you were a Scotsman you would probably object and say that it’s a nice Scottish summer! Well anyways I’ve enjoyed a magnificent time in Dubai and enjoyed up to 44 degrees in the sun. Needless to say that I also enjoyed the air-conditioning in every building and taxi.

More about my flight adventure coming up and some useful tips for flying long haul trips. See you then. Oh and by the way. The iPhone5 looks neat. Might have a look at it. See ya.

Internet to slow to upload video and photos

Well so far the Dubai trip has been exhilarating and I’ve taken loads of pictures and have genuinely been enjoying myself. Unfortunately the internet isn’t the fastest and uploading a high res photo not even mentioning video is impossible. Will write a few impressions tonight once back from my night photography at 32 degrees 🙂 Happy days so far. Take care.