Quick stop – Gourock

Gourock has a nice water front and a nice park. I stopped there last week for a few minutes before torrential rain started and gave me a proper washing! On a random note Ifound myself to be preferring black and white shots. It simply adds more atmosphere to the picture and looks powerful.

As this was a race against the rain there were only a few pictures I took and so here we go with the other ones. Had a boat fable (it was the waterfront and harbour after all!) and left one shot in colour! Waahay! The shot below points towards the park in Gourock. I reckon that if the weather would’ve been

better the shot might have even turned out better but I’m quite pleased with this one. It looks great and the reflections were doing it for me. Right out of the shot there was a swan looking at me ready to bite my nose off! However, I stood my ground and quickly moved on after the shot was taken.





Maybe will try a conversion to black and white to see if it can look interesting if I take the colour out. Just out of curiosity!


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