A visit to the Dumfries and Galloway Aviation museum

I’ve always wanted to go to the Dumfries aviation museum so I decided some time last year to have a go and go down there to suck in a bit of the nostalgia of the past and to see

Hawker Siddely Trident passenger aircraft looking out of the cockpit

some glorious flying machines. In modern times we’re so used to see and hear Tornados, Typhoons, Mirages, Boeing 737s etc. that you can actually forget that not sooo long ago things were a bit different.

In fact in the last few decades mankind has come a long way and truly arrived in the sky. Nowadays we board an airplane and within a few hours you nearly could be at the other end of the world. And never could you travel as comfortable as today, quite obviously. So I decided to see what the museum had on offer. I’m going to show you a few shots I’d taken and after working on them in Lightroom I suddenly realised that colour wasn’t doing those photos justice. Translate history into colour might work for some people. For me it’s black and white colour. It strengthens the moment and makes it truly retro and I love that!

The drive to the museum was not too hard from my position near Glasgow and only took me an hour and a few minutes. Can’t remember exactly but it wasn’t too bad after all. The most interesting airplane I’ve seen there is a Fairey Gannet that features two counter rotating propellers. The fuel tank if I recall correctly is the bulk below the cockpit. At this stage I probably should apologise for any mistakes that might inevitably happen but I’m by all means not an aircraft wiki. So instead maybe you can help me recall the aircraft and let me know what they’re called.

view onto the typical cabin of a pilot

A word to the area and the people who’re running the place. All are friendly and there’s enough space to accommodate quite a lot of visitors. The tower is definitely a highlight

were you’ll be greeted with engines before you work your way up to the control tower. All along the way will you find exhibition pieces and stories around them. Well worth the time, money and drive.

I’ll be definitely going again. That time with someone who actually knows all those aircraft by name so I can be much more precise than I’ve been just now. Please excuse my lack of knowledge in this sector 😀 I also found the way the commanders worked in the tower very interesting so as you can imagine I definitely had to shoot that scenario as well and the pictures are shown below this paragraph.

The light was quite challenging and at some point I found myself pushing my camera up to ISO1600.

At that stage the picture showed a bit of grain and in retrospect I know I should’ve let the grain in the image as it adds more atmosphere to the image. However you never stop learning and the next time I’ll definitely leave the grain in the image. Some other images are being shown below. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Take care and have a great day!


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