Photo photo on the wall – who’s the best of you all?


wow! I just created my first awesome spectacular photo book in iPhoto of what I believe are my very best shots. The amount of choice is boggling the mind. Tons of presets and ways to modify make that the perfect playground for a person like me.

I love the way iPhoto handles photos and the whole experience. Believe I nailed what I wanted to active so far and am ready to press the send and print button. However, cautious as I can be I might give it some treatment in Lightroom and Photoshop again just to be sure all looks nice and shiny and great.

Then again. A forgotten option. I might as well try what Lightroom 4 has got on offer with the photo book function. Maybe that looks even better than iPhoto. Who knows but then again. Sun’s out and the balcony is waiting and calling my name. So headphones on, iTunes on and then get time to get creative yet again. If I was as creative with cocktails as I was with pictures I might as well start another career as barkeeper!



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