RTFM – new addition to my camera bag

Ladies and gentlemen,

I finally entered the world of flash photography! And it’s not that easy as it might look. Sure, iTTL etc. will do a nice job for the odd portrait against bright sunlight and the play between my camera and the flash is simply so easy it’s amazing!

So actually it becomes a bit more complicated when I decide to go CLS and manual. That takes a lot of time and work but at least it seems to be working in maybe 2 months. Still trying to master all of that which is zoo complicated. No wonder it takes ages to become a pro in that. One reason more to shoot without right? Well mostly yes. But if I need it I better be able to master it.

Keep you posted. I’ll now shoot my friend Mr. Waterbottle as no model in the world would stand in bright sunshine with 30 deg Celsius to be helpful. Catch you later world!


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