My new setup is sweet!

There are no often times when I’m excited and really looking forward to something. Well yesterday has been such a day as I was waiting for a new area in IT for myself. After nearly 17 years with the Windows operating system I made the plunge and went for the Mac which was delivered yesterday.

My new device is quiet, cool and simply good looking. The transfer has been pretty easy. The only problem I came across was my monitor who produced a rubbish picture. Thankfully thanks to the internet I managed to fix that and can now enjoy the glory of Mac Os X on my 22″ widescreen Samsung screen. If I wouldn’t have found a solution for that I’d had sell it and got myself a Mac display. I’m not kidding you on that subject. So far it amazes me how easy I can do things on a Mac. Lion so far is ok but I do miss Snow Leopard a tiny wee bit. However, that state shouldn’t occupy my mind for too long thanks to my new friends at Adobe who sent me the best email since the arrival of my MBP. In approximately 4 days I’ll be the owner of my new software suite and keep cracking working on some stuff.

Really looking forward to it and will keep you guys posted. Yesterday was playtime and setup time. Now that this all now done and dusted it’s time to relax and enjoy my news setup,


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