Good morning world – tea is good for you – ditch the coffee

It’s now 05.46am and I’m ready. Had a shower, tea breakfast and am writng this text to you. Couldn’t sleep long enough and am eagerly awaiting my new hardware today. Anyway before I start work in a couple of hours just to let you know that tea makes you a better shooter!

Coffee has the ability of making me restless and nervous. Ever since I reduced my coffein consumption I can definitely say that I feel less stressed and more relaxed. This however stands to debate whether you’ve experienced the same or if it’s just my imagination. My hand whilst shooting people etc. is definitely more focussed and calmer and my heart stops racing when drinking tea. Overall I can highly recommend Lord Nelson’s peppermint tea. Absolutely gorgeous!

So anyway had to share that with you and will be back later with what will be my first impressions on the MacBookPro.


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