My Adobe shopping basket and yet again some £££ worse off

Hi guys,

just a quick update to let you know that I popped me card out today and ordered Lightroom4 and the Adobe Design & Web Premium CS6 Suite. I’m really thrilled as I want to use Acrobat, InDesign and Dreamweaver to create a simple site or even newsletter. As I know myself this might just be big talk but I want to see how I get on. At least with Acrobat PDF newsletters. Have been working with Acrobat for some time and am sure that most of it will come back to me, same for InDesign I hope. Really thrilled! Now all Adobe has to do is deliver it quickly 🙂

If all goes well and I can watch enough tutorials and using trial and error I will try to share some attempts on here. Will have to watch loads of YouTube and might even consider a subscription to NAPP. Let’s see how it goes. Bit time before I head off to my vacation to my home country. Will try to shoot as much as possible.


3 thoughts on “My Adobe shopping basket and yet again some £££ worse off

      1. They had a great program with PageMaker but decided to create a new program from scratch. That program was InDesign. Then they quit supporting PageMaker, encouraging us to buy the new InDesign, but they weren’t willing to let us upgrade from PageMaker to InDesign. I tried the free 30-day trial version and just didn’t like it. I’m still using PageMaker for some things although Word 2010 is an excellent program now, too.

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