It’s crucial to get some more memory

Yes it’s time to upgrade the memory of my machine. 4GB is just not enough if I work in Lightroom and Photoshop whilst playing around in InDesign and Dreamweaver. I want everything open without having to close it whilst rendering on an iMovie project.

Yes I’m demanding and should pace myself. But then again why should I? The machine still handles all of the work. It’s just that Adobe products needs memory. Loads of it and the upgrade is cheap. So it’s Crucial vs. Samsung. You get the drift from my headline right? So will check and order and let you know once the upgrade is complete.



My data grave for photos

Hey everyone,

I’ve been thinking about my storage solution for quite some time now and I can’t stress enough that at the moment the best protection I’ve got apart from my internal hdd and a SanDisk Cruzer stick are indeed my SDHC cards from SanDisk. All of my photos I’ve ever taken are still on all cards and in the recent past I’ve been investing in even more cards as they’re reasonably cheap and offer the prefect protection for the time being.

The speed and reliability is simply awesome and I can recommend to all fellow photographers to keep their cards and to not delete them straight away. Your data is far too important for cards to be deleted for new shots.

Photo photo on the wall – who’s the best of you all?


wow! I just created my first awesome spectacular photo book in iPhoto of what I believe are my very best shots. The amount of choice is boggling the mind. Tons of presets and ways to modify make that the perfect playground for a person like me.

I love the way iPhoto handles photos and the whole experience. Believe I nailed what I wanted to active so far and am ready to press the send and print button. However, cautious as I can be I might give it some treatment in Lightroom and Photoshop again just to be sure all looks nice and shiny and great.

Then again. A forgotten option. I might as well try what Lightroom 4 has got on offer with the photo book function. Maybe that looks even better than iPhoto. Who knows but then again. Sun’s out and the balcony is waiting and calling my name. So headphones on, iTunes on and then get time to get creative yet again. If I was as creative with cocktails as I was with pictures I might as well start another career as barkeeper!


About the will to invest some money into our expensive hobby

Most of us will now that photography is an expensive hobby and there most certainly is a point when we find ourselves with two or more flash guns, quality lenses and some filters, memory cards, tripods, heads and some light meters etc.

This is all great that we can indulge ourselves in photography and have a good time and the pictures look great. However, this new Nikon lens is just shy of £1,800 and the new flash gun is £400. Then oh dear new batteries, flash cards. Easily doable to spend £200 and more. A new rucksack will set me back £150 because I love ThinkTank and then there are some CreatveLive classes. It ain’t cheap but hey.

For my hobby I’d do everything. And to raise money that might even involve start dancing on the street.

Photo added from the trip to the miniature land

This was quite cool. To give you an example of the detail that boggles the mind. There was video on the miniature screen with real goals shown on the display, the score changed accordingly and lights went off and the sound of the fans echoed through the room.

If you;re travelling to Hamburg and can spare a day go there. It’s awesome and you need more than one day to see every single detail. Enjoy.