Some pictures online

After being out and about for a couple of days and getting my head around Lightroom and 15 cups of coffee later I’m now representing my work on Photoshelter. I don’t expect to make huge sales but so far I managed to sell one picture for good money. Result!

So to share some of my work you can visit I put mostly motorsport pictures up but you can also see some of my other shots of castles and some landscape shots. That section will be extended over the weekend as I plan to drive up north and capture some of Scotlands beautiful mountains during sunrise/sunset. So there’s definitely coming a bit more in the next couple of days.

I’ve also finished my rain cover for my camera and lenses. It’s an old Tesco bag which I modified in such a way that from now on even the hardest rainshower wouldn’t impose an immediate thread to my gear. Pictures of that to follow shortly. Have been quite busy with work and doing some studying.


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