The other side of cost in photography

I’ve been thinking about gear and all that stuff for some time and forgot one tiny detail when it comes to hobby photography. Diesel/petrol! The stations in the UK are not the cheapest and sometimes I just wish I was living in the US and could afford to be driving around in a nice big pickup truck and not to be worried about the fuelling costs.

However, here in the UK things are a bit on the expensive side and we I usually pay £56 for 45 litres of diesel. That’s some 11 gallons for the US/UK. Ever since I started the digital shooting I’ve probably covered 2,000 miles in a month looking for some nice landscape shots and to photograph events I wanted to shoot and obviously improve. This came a bit as a surprise to me but I learned to plan things a bit better and am planning more carefully unless someone decides to sponsor me 😉

Until then it’s plan, drive and shoot and hope for the best. And to shoot in manual 99% of the time.


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