Knockhill photos will be up on my Flickr page shortly

And I need a faster machine. The fan is running on high speed and Lightroom seems to be running like a dog. If it doesn’t speed up I need a new machine or a lot of patience. As I know that I don’t have the latter I think it might be time to seriously upgrade my hardware.

Until then it’s waiting and drinking a lot of coffee/coke/sparkling water and eat a few chocolates etc. Overall I’m quite impressed with most of my shots and am within my margin of error. Sounds very technical but if I shoot let’s say 800 picures I allow myself an error margin of 10%. Think that’s pretty reasonable.

Right check out my photostream in about 40 minutes and you’ll find some shots from the weekend. Hope you enjoy them and leave a comment if you like. By the way did I mention that I got sunburned pretty heavily in my face? It doesn’t feel good but at least it was worth it!


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