I’m exhausted but happy after what I consider my very first smooth day of shooting

As some of you have read. I went to http://www.knockhill.com/ today to shoot the Scottish Motorosport event. After I managed my first target of getting up early (7.00am on a Sunday is quite an achievement for me!) I headed off to Knockhill and stopped for some Diesel as well. They should make it cheaper or do something about the OPEC. Anyway back to ‘business’.

I made it well before the first race but missed the qualification runs. Nothing that bothered me tho. The fee of £12 was fair and parking was included so that’s pretty good. the facilities are superb and the toilets are clean. Something I didn’t expect. Anyway I walked straight down to the area of the tri oval and began to shoot some Minis warming up. As I’m too lazy I decided to shoot the day in shutter priority. Which turned out very well to be honest.

After some panning shots and general tests I was wondering why suddenly my camera stopped working. Well my first memory card was full but no panic. I’ve had 2 more in my bag so my report won’t end here! Swiftly changed and ready for the first race of the day. that was the Scottish Formula Ford Championship and those cars are fast and loud. Exactly what a man wants and in this case many women as well! The race went well and I shot some locations experimenting with shutter speeds and ISO. The whole range of possibilities. 

The most important change however was the autofocus mode. 3D tracking didn’t work as reliably as I expected so I switched to dynamic area AF which did a very good and most importantly consistent job. So after having found my shutter speeds for panning speed shots etc. I moved around the circuit in the 9 hours I spent near the track and got to talk with Nikon and Canon shooters which was great fun. Despite some rain showers the weather was formidable and I even got sunburned! I’m not very proud of that but at least I’m happy that the shoot went well. Pictures will follow in my Flickr photostream but that won’t be happening until the next couple of days. Lightroom is telling me that 851 pictures need to be checked, post processed and validated. I better get a stong coffee as I want to work through the first phse pretty quickly.

First phase is what I call the sharpness check. Any blurred pictures will be deleted in an instant. When I started I kept them as some sort of memory but I’ve to be hard with myself so off they go. Rubbish bin for those pictures. I found that that makes me working each shot harder aiming for perfection. So once I got through all those pictures from all the races will upload some on my photostream. Keep checking!


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