Damn Lightroom!

Yes I became cocky. I dared to think that my photos came out good and I was indeed quite please about the pictures I’ve taken with my camera. Last week I decided to grab my 55-300mm lens and went out in the rain to shoot some planes at Glasgow airport.

That was fun and I shot some cool pictures with it. All looked so nice and when I came home I uploaded all of them into Lightroom and oh shock. Some of them weren’t as good as they looked on the camera screen. So I decided that my laptop monitor must be faulty. Of course we all now I was blaming technology for my lack of understanding.

What I didn’t take into consideration was that I was shooting through a fence with singlepoint autofocus. That might have worked for some shots but clearly I could’ve used my brain to countersteer this issue. So there I am again. Instead of keeping the pictures to remind myself of how stupid I was I decided to delete them so it hurts and makes me think more the next time I shoot something. It’s not that easy you know.


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