Look around and do something different

Yesterday was a day where I did something I haven’t done before. I wanted to enjoy a bit of sea side after a lon day on the road covering hundreds of miles. So for the first time ever I drove down a wee road and 3 minutes after was treated with some lovely scenery. A castle and a beautiful strip of coast line. I fired a couple of shots and enjoyed the fresh breeze. If I hadn’t decided to take the right turn I’d never have discovered this beautiful strip. So another thing learned. Be awake and don’t be afraid of trying new things and be open for everything. Pics to follow tonight when I’ll be back.


Drummond Gardens photos up on Photoshelter / Exposure compensation is fun…

…if you know how to use it efficiently….Today was a really nice day for going out and indulge in some gardens photography. All my lenses 35, 55-300 and 18-55 were used to their fullest potential by myself. Photos will be uploaded to Photoshelter so please feel free to have a look.

I learned quite a lot about exposure compensation but still don’t nail it at every single shot. Will have to go out and do that a couple of times more. Anyway some pictures will be available on the site and I hope you enjoy them.

Some pictures online

After being out and about for a couple of days and getting my head around Lightroom and 15 cups of coffee later I’m now representing my work on Photoshelter. I don’t expect to make huge sales but so far I managed to sell one picture for good money. Result!

So to share some of my work you can visit http://held.photoshelter.com/ I put mostly motorsport pictures up but you can also see some of my other shots of castles and some landscape shots. That section will be extended over the weekend as I plan to drive up north and capture some of Scotlands beautiful mountains during sunrise/sunset. So there’s definitely coming a bit more in the next couple of days.

I’ve also finished my rain cover for my camera and lenses. It’s an old Tesco bag which I modified in such a way that from now on even the hardest rainshower wouldn’t impose an immediate thread to my gear. Pictures of that to follow shortly. Have been quite busy with work and doing some studying.

The other side of cost in photography

I’ve been thinking about gear and all that stuff for some time and forgot one tiny detail when it comes to hobby photography. Diesel/petrol! The stations in the UK are not the cheapest and sometimes I just wish I was living in the US and could afford to be driving around in a nice big pickup truck and not to be worried about the fuelling costs.

However, here in the UK things are a bit on the expensive side and we I usually pay £56 for 45 litres of diesel. That’s some 11 gallons for the US/UK. Ever since I started the digital shooting I’ve probably covered 2,000 miles in a month looking for some nice landscape shots and to photograph events I wanted to shoot and obviously improve. This came a bit as a surprise to me but I learned to plan things a bit better and am planning more carefully unless someone decides to sponsor me 😉

Until then it’s plan, drive and shoot and hope for the best. And to shoot in manual 99% of the time.

No model photography but the brutal reality


I’m not sure if you know this site already. It’s Chris Jordan’s midway project and some of the pictures might be disturbing for some of you. I really appreciate his work as a photograph can do so much more than an endless speach could do.

So I hope that you take yourself some time and have a look at Chris’ work. It was quite sad for me to see those birds dying of plastic and waste that we humans dispose into our natural environment.

Lens for sports photographer


I stumbled across this link today and thought I’d share this with you. It’s a pretty good read and might help you finding some good glass if you’re into sports photography. Having used my 55-300mm I definitely have my eye on the 300mm F2.8 Nikkor lens but first some cash has to come in otherwise that lens would be unaffordable to myself.

Maybe one day I’ll have enough money together to afford one of those. Until then it’s skill sharpening and shooting, shooting, shooting. Have a nice day all!